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Zink Berry Farm and Kiko Goats


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Berry Update and change of hours

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 3:07 AM Comments comments ()
The blueberries are coming on strong and are delicious!!  The red raspberries and black raspberries are very limited but I think we will have a nice fall crop. The blackberries are loaded and looking great.  I need to change are hours of operation though.  We will still be open M-Sat 8am -8pm but we will be closed on Sundays.  We really need to have one day that we can rest, run errands and spend time with family. We will also be closed on one Saturday a month.  I will post these dates as soon as possible.  I will also try to keep the voicemail updated to alert you when those dates are going to be so nobody will drive down only to be disappointed.  We look forward to seeing you and thanks in advance for understanding the change in hours.  Jill Zink
Also for those of you that follow our goats in the buck test they are doing great!!  They had quite a few goats that had to be dewormed again already due to parasite load from the sheep that grazed the pasture prior to the buck test.  So far our boys have shown resistance and still have a 0 fecal egg count.  Hopefully they will continue to thrive and show a good weight gain.