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Zink Berry Farm and Kiko Goats


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Berry Update

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 9:52 PM Comments comments ()
Sunday 8-14-2011
I want to thank all of our visitors for coming this year and we have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.  I believe that our berry season has come to an end early again this year.  I think next year we need to consider rain barrels and store up for these times when we need rain so desperately.  Our blackberries are drying up and dying and the raspberries are at a complete standstill.  The mid and late varieties of blueberries did not produce except for one bush.... it had all of 2 berries.  We hope you will all come join us for some fun and games on September 3rd although there won't be a berry stomp.  I was looking forward to seeing a bunch of purple feet too!!!  And just think next year we could have all tasted some "Toe Jam Blackberry Wine"!!!!!!!!!!!  Jeff next door is having a grand opening that weekend also so there will be a great opportunity to do some horseback riding.  I am going to contact some of the businesses in town to see if they want to come out and set up and show off their wares so we will have a flea market flair at the festival.  If anyone has homemade crafts and would like to set up that would be ok.  This year there is no charge for space and no electric is available.  Please call if you would like to set up a display.  Only family friendly items may be displayed.  Thank you all again and if we don't see you at the festival then we hope to see you next June.   Jill Zink
    Oh I also wanted to send out a message to Road Runners former family.....he now has 5 hens that think he's the man!!!!  He gets along well with the other roosters too..I don't know why but they don't even fight or fuss.  He still likes to be close and will let you pet him but since he has grown up he really doesn't want to be held.  Thanks again for giving him to us.. I enjoy his company.  Jill